Services & Specialties

Services are provided exclusively to children who are having difficulty learning to read or spell, including students having dyslexia.  These services include:


  • Screening is provided at no charge.  To begin the screening process, click here.
  • Evaluation.  If indicated from the screening results, an evaluation can be scheduled.  The purpose of the evaluation is to identify the nature of the child’s difficulty with reading/spelling and to develop a plan for remediation.
  • If indicated from the evaluation, therapy can be scheduled.  Usually therapy is scheduled for one hour at least twice per week.
  • School visits can be arranged to consult with the classroom teacher, the principal, and others involved with the student.


  • Comprehensive evaluation of language-based reading/spelling disabilities, including dyslexia
  • Treatment utilizing multi-sensory language education to help students overcome reading/spelling difficulties.  In this office, we use CLARACueing Linguistic Awareness for Reading Acquisition
Carl McGrath,
Apr 4, 2011, 3:11 PM